From Confinement to Free-Dom

Are you lost and is every decision hard?

success Jul 23, 2018

Hey, there. Coach Faye here, author of Choreography of Awakening, and the creator of i'MAGiNT Life. Welcome back. Today I'd like to pick up the topic of indecision, being lost, not knowing what to do, just being stuck in general.

I go to schools, and I talk to children. I ask them, "How many of you have ever been in the front of the room before?" Of course, it's a silly question because all of the kids in school they go to the front of the room all the time. Of course, the raise their hand, and you ask them, "Well, how does it feel?" And they tell you, "Well, I get nervous." And I ask them, "Well guys, do you believe that when you're going to get older this nervousness is going to go away?" They're like, "Yeah when I'm older everything's going to be much better." That's...

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