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Are you lost and is every decision hard?

success Jul 23, 2018

Hey, there. Coach Faye here, author of Choreography of Awakening, and the creator of i'MAGiNT Life. Welcome back. Today I'd like to pick up the topic of indecision, being lost, not knowing what to do, just being stuck in general.

I go to schools, and I talk to children. I ask them, "How many of you have ever been in the front of the room before?" Of course, it's a silly question because all of the kids in school they go to the front of the room all the time. Of course, the raise their hand, and you ask them, "Well, how does it feel?" And they tell you, "Well, I get nervous." And I ask them, "Well guys, do you believe that when you're going to get older this nervousness is going to go away?" They're like, "Yeah when I'm older everything's going to be much better." That's the myth that we'll hold on to forever. I tell the kids, "Actually, your nervousness is going to get worse as you get older because by the time you're older you're going to get to practice that for many more years, and you get better at what you practice at."

I want to bring this topic up to see how we develop this habit of this nervousness, and putting things away, and not doing what we believe we can. The quote that I'd like to share with you today is this, "Do you not understand that what you see you will become?" This quote can be looked at a couple of different ways. One way to look at this quote is, do you not understand the good you see you will become in seeing things outside of you, and seeing scarcities, seeing lack of trust, trustworthiness, seeing lack of support, lack of encouragement, lack of support if I didn't say that already, a lack of success, whatever that is that you see a lack of and the expectation that I should of been better. I should have been more productive. I should have been more on time. I should have been more organized. Whatever that should have be, this should have, could have thoughts that are flying in our head, and we are not ... We become really good at them, and what we don't often realize is how much negative emotions these thoughts evoke within us.

These negative emotions become energy in motion. They start pulling us down. They create this low vortex of energy that is very hard to raise yourself up and do something about it, and so we just start spiraling downwards more and more. If you remember I said the quote, "Do you not understand that what you see you will become?" These thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing you actually see them in your mind's movie. You're seeing, "I should have been this", and I see this laziest vibe. It's just this horrible, despicable thing, not good enough, and that's making me feel really upset. As I keep playing these mental movies in my head over, and over, and over, again I definitely get better and better at it. Soon I find myself being depressed all the time, and definitely not being productive, and then you start seeing yourself developing these new habits. You start making those constant trips to the refrigerator. You're stuck in front of the TV doing nothing, just really depressed, and unable to move.

The challenge here is to recognize the pattern of your thoughts. I used to coach figure skaters. We did a lot of work with visualizations. I had my students visualize doing there jumps. Instead of going and doing their jumps in real physical time, I had them visualize it. They often felt that in their mind movie and their visualization they actually should be doing these jumps perfectly. They found themselves falling all the time. They would feel really upset and disappointed with themselves. It would take a while for them to understand that the mental movie that we watch in our head is we see what we practice. It takes real conscious effort to change the picture of what you want to see, and to start and practice seeing a better picture again, and again, and again. Again, the quote is, "Do you not understand that what you see you will become?"

When you see yourself being unsuccessful, for example, I challenge you to realize that we are divine beings. We are children of God, and God is within us. If you think about this more deeply then you will understand that God is nothing but success. If you don't see yourself as success then you're really not in alignment with God. You could say, "Well, how could I see myself as success if I am lazy, and procrastinating, and I'm not doing anything that I should be doing? I'm angry all the time. How can I see success?" The trick here is, to realize that the success is like a circle, and it's a yin yang. It is the positive things that your mind thinks this is what success means. Then there's this dark area that what your mind thinks is not success, but it actually is success.

Realize that you are insanely successful. You are a success at procrastinating. You are a success at taking the trip to the refrigerator. You're a success at not going to the gym. You're a success at drinking more than you should. You're a success at getting angry. Whatever it is that you're not happy with recognize it as success, not just a success, but as major success. You really succeeded at doing that. You've practiced that again, and again, and again. You'd developed the muscle of practicing being success of those things. Guess what? Now it takes a quick shift in your consciousness, a shift in your mind to switch and use the tools that you used to become success at that, that you think you don't want, and apply it to something else. But the only way that you're going to be able to do that is if you actually see that all of these parts as success.

When you start seeing it as success you are able to make that shift in your mind, and make a decision to change into another side. And that will actually give you energy to realize that, "Wow, I am success." Just feel that. If you just see it and feel that you will start raising that energy, raising the vibration within yourself that's going to give you that extra energy boost to make that shift. Because the only way to make the shift is possible if you raise that vibration, if you raise that energy level to a higher level. The only way to see that is to see that, that you want to see. You cannot see laziness, unproductiveness. You have to see your success, and if you do see success you become what you see. This is Coach Faye. I hope this was helpful for you. Subscribe to my channel. Join me on Facebook. Friend me. Go visit my website. Stay in touch, and I'm looking forward to be sharing with you more. Bye.

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