What can drinking water do for you?

With i'MAGiNT LiFE™, plus your own free will -- EVERYTHING!

The Power of Water

"Unless a man be born of water and the Spirit, he can not come into the Kingdom of the Holy One" ~ John 3:5

People have intuitively believed for thousands of years that when they pray over the water they drink, it becomes "holy". This inspired Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto to conduct a series of experiments using photography to prove that water can be affected by thoughts and affirmations. These experiments revealed astonishing changes in the crystalline structure of the water.

We already know that our bodies are made up of water - - up to 80% in each cell. But what would happen if we consciously program the very water we drink every day?

i'MAGiNTended Water could be the perfect vehicle for us to quench both our thirst for hydration and knowledge about ourselves.

Our body's conscious cells may learn and adapt according to the thoughts, emotions, and words we use when interacting with it. This could lead to a powerful transformational experience accessible through this unique form of water.

So why not take advantage of this natural, organic opportunity available to us EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. with i'MAGiNTended Water?

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So, what is i'MAGiNT?

The acronym i'MAGINT stands for:

  • I'm
  • Imagine
  • Magnetize
  • Intend

This seed formula for Core Self Evolution is designed to help us cultivate powerful qualities of our Soul and reach a higher level of consciousness. By imbuing the water we drink with intention and power through this coaster technique, we can effectively move from a lower self to our highest potential.

What makes i'MAGiNT™ so special is that it creates an energetic connection between ourselves and the universe: as we acknowledge what exists within us already, we are able to use its energy on an even deeper level. With every sip fueled by conscious intent, each glass of water acts as a reminder that you have the ability to transform your life into one full of growth and possibility.

Do you want to see more SUCCESS in your life? Give i'MAGiNT™ a Try 

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What is i'MAGiNT LiFE™?

i'MAGINT LiFE™ is more than a way of conscious, holistic living; it's an opportunity to journey towards self-mastery and the embodiment of one's highest potential.

The i'MAGiNT LiFE™ Method offers powerful tools to unlock our unconscious mind and transform it into a creative consciousness that can be accessed in everyday life.

At the core of this method lies the individualized i'MaStar Plan™, which places you firmly on your path toward creating your own personal masterpiece --the life YOU were always meant to live!

By taking advantage of all human experiences as steps necessary for evolution in a systematic and sequential manner, you'll find yourself gaining clarity about who you are, why you're here, and where you're going.

Tamara Eri

i'MAGiNT LiFE is truly a one-of-a kind tool that helps me be my best possible self and live the best life I possibly can! It is hard to explain just how smart this system is and how perfectly it molds itself to my specific personality, goals, and challenges. There is no words to describe the benefits of this system, it's just astonishing! Thank you!

What is i'MaStar Plan™?

 i'MaStar Plan™ is your ultimate guide for unlocking your highest potential. It is the blueprint of your Soul, akin to DNA, a unique set of instructions that leads you down the path of spiritual maturity and growth. It's a curriculum designed specifically for you -- lessons that can be learned and mastered throughout your life journey.

Your i'MaStar Plan™ remains unchanged regardless of external circumstances such as job or career changes, relocation, or even a change in name or personality. Just like an acorn is destined to become an oak tree, so too does this internal program lead us toward our own individualized destiny. Knowing and understanding these principles can save time by allowing us to immediately apply our natural born talents and skills without having to search endlessly for what works best.

i'MaStar Plan™ serves as the map while i'MAGiNTs are the vessel; traveling through life using the iMAGiNT LiFE™ Method offers insight into how we row downstream efficiently with grace and ease -- all it takes is knowing which direction you're going in!

Who is i'MAGiNT LiFE™ for?


i'MAGiNT LiFE™ IS FOR ANYONE seeking to unlock their highest potential and break through the internal barriers that are holding them back.

This powerful program provides individuals with a detailed roadmap and effective tools to help them achieve their goals and become their best selves. From mastering new skills to cultivating spiritual awareness, let i'MAGiNT LiFE guide you on your journey toward success and enlightenment --



Agnes Bogardi

"This process was more than eye-opening. Everything shifted: how I understand my mindset and how words, concepts and daily activities all work together."

Imke Kattau

"i'MAGiNT™, how can I best put this into words that is magic in the works...this is a tool that will take you by the hand and guide you unerringly to your soul´s path."

Susanna Kotlyar

"i’MAGiNTs work like a mantra that plays in my mind 24/7. It is amazing how things got synchronized with the qualities chosen for the week."

Avery Valentine

"Using i’MAGiNTs has really helped me  become more aware of my daily actions, self-talk and the way I communicate with others. I am more aware of the lessons within my life challenges and face them with an excitement to grow and overcome."

Lisa Cox

"This program has been a clear, refreshing, valuable approach to allowing life to flow in a natural progression to change my conscious behavior. I now live the life and have the perceptions that I could have only imagined."

Pavita Singh 

"i’MAGiNT™ is magic! This is a brilliant concept  that is for sure  going to change the world. i’MAGiNTs™ are potent and important reminder that you have the power within you to improve your life and the lives of others around you." 

Here's what your personal growth
path could look like...

Step 1

Be Success You Want To See...

 This is your invitation to experience i'MAGiNT LiFE. It's more than just a class; it's a FREE download that you can use to transform your life in powerful ways. All you need to do is download Success i'MAGiNT, print it out, hold any water (or other beverage) on top of the page, and watch as the magic begins! If you drink water or other beverages regularly, then this could be an incredible journey for you -- so don't miss out! 

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Step 2 

5-Days-To-More-Success Intensive

Now that you've experienced the magic of Success i'MAGiNT, you'd want to know how to use it to erase false and limiting beliefs, how to take charge of your emotions, how to harness the Law of Creation to manifest what you want, understand how your mind works, and most importantly find an answer to such question as "who am I". This, and more you'll discover experientially in our five-day challenge.

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Step 3

Life Blueprint Discovery Workshop

Now that you understand all the basics: your mind, your emotions, who you are, and the Law of Creation, it's time to discover your personal life's Blueprint and your Purpose, so that you can apply all this knowledge in your life with different Soul qualities. Here you truly step on to the Path...

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