From Confinement to Free-Dom

Journey to Happiness

green Dec 22, 2017

By Faye Kitariev

“Live by your inner knowledge and strength,” read the tag on my Yogi Tea. How appropriate! Today I moved up the Blueprint pyramid to my next i’MAGiNT ™: I’m Happiness i Long For. Of course, I remember very well why I chose this i’MAGiNT™ several weeks ago, in the first place! I wanted more happiness, more love, more joy in my life, most importantly, I wanted somebody else to be the catalyst for it!

As I took a sip out of my i’MAGiNTended™ water bottle, I swallowed another round of tears. It seems, as if all the unhappiness harbored within my soul came to the surface, triggered by “relationship” issue, or lack of one. This time, however, it is different. This time, I am perfectly aware!...

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