From Confinement to Free-Dom

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

life purpose Apr 25, 2018

April 24, 2011. Staten Island, NY.

I walk in into a dimly lit chapel. Only a couple of people are in the room. It is a half an hour before guests would begin arriving. At the head of the hall is a stand with a rich-red mahogany box. I avoid looking at it. Rabbi touches my arm, “We don’t normally do open viewing, but if you want to see her right now, you can, as a family member.” “She” was my Mom. I desperately wanted to leave. I didn’t want to acknowledge the fact that my mom was dead. I couldn’t handle it. I knew that once I see her dead in the box, it will all be real, and I wouldn’t be able to pretend that she is still alive but avoids talking with me on the phone.

Everyone looks at me for a lead. I am the oldest daughter. I must be first; they will judge me if I say that I don’t want to see her. “If I can do this, what else can I do?” In a daze, I nod my head in agreement, and they lift the lid for me to see. I carefully peek inside the box. Suddenly, all my fear and apprehension go away. My mom is not in the box! What lies in the box is a doll made to resemble my mom, a rubber doll! They are going to bury a rubber doll! It’s okay. Mom will be going with me everywhere. At that moment I KNEW without a shadow of a doubt, that we are Spiritual Beings, occupying physical bodies and experiencing ourselves through the human form. When the body becomes inoperable, just like a car, the Spirit, Soul leaves.  My mom was not her body, neither am I, nor are you. 

There may be many different kinds of experiences that spiritual seekers look for to KNOW that it is, in fact, true; we are Spiritual Beings. In fact, our Spirit, Soul is the spark of Divinity within us. It is what Buddhists would say “God is within us,” “I am” is God. “I am” is not our body, but our Soul, our consciousness, our essence. And our purpose of being on this planet is to awaken to this realization and align once again with the parts of "I AM” that we got disconnected from. It is then that we can feel "at home" again, become fulfilled, joyful, inspiring and empowering, become whole and complete, even if some parts of our physical being are not "perfect" in comparison with Joneses. Beating Joneses may bring a momentary satisfaction, but not longlasting peace and happiness. 

Gita was the name of my mother, A Song of God in Sanskrit. And this was her last message to me, her last lesson in physical form, the lesson I will take on to pass to my students. I didn't know yet, that i'MAGiNT LiFE PATH™ will be born several years later, and it will be Gita, The Song of God, with the mission to awaken human beings to realize the truth of who they are. 

And so it is for the Highest Good of All Concerned.

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