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It's not habits, hard work or belief in yourself that bring success

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2018

Another High Performance Academy (HPA) came to an end. 2000 people from all over the world came to reconnect with their dreams, get affirmation that they are on the right track, learn new life-hack habits and meet new friends. This was my fifth HPA and 15th event with Brendon Burchard. By no means, I am a virgin at these events, and by now I know the routine, the stories, and his technique. So, why do I continue showing up and what did I learn this time?
To understand this entirely, I have to define what high performance means:

High performance is succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over the long-term
—Brendon Burchard

If you read this quote carefully, you may see that the key word there is  “standard.” For different people, of course,  “standard” is different. For some "standard" may be living 9-5, dragging feet, watching TV, and hoping to make enough money to have a nice meal at a fancy restaurant, retire soon, or go on a cruise. With this standard, it’s probably not too hard to move “beyond.” However, some people live surrounded by world-class performers, and their “standard” is quite different. Defining this “standard” will support you in moving towards the life you’d like to create, or pinnacles to achieve.

When I was in my early 20’s, I decided to become a figure skating coach. I started this journey at the University of Delaware, the premier training facility for skaters in the World. Skaters from our center frequently competed and won National, World and Olympic championships. Our “standard” skaters and coaches were in the middle of the pack at Nationals. In my mind, middle of the pack at Nationals was mediocre, and I worked relentlessly to become better than "standard” coach. When I moved to California, I started coaching from scratch, although, holding on to my vision what my “standard” looked like. However, I quickly realized that for skating community in CA even "barely-making to Nationals” was a dream beyond possible, a pure struck of luck. Peers started ridiculing me and my vision, saying that I was naive, crazy, arrogant, or…cute. But I didn’t have to believe the nay-sayers. I sought, watched, invested, and studied with the best coaches in the world, those who repeatedly achieved what I wanted to achieve.  The more I studied with them, the more I was convinced that becoming an elite coach or athlete was a method and technique, and the only thing required was a willingness and ability to see, learn and practice. I was aware of many flaws in my character that were slowing me down and created obstacles, but despite these flaws, I possessed three critical traits: willingness to learn, put it in practice, and keep an eye on the goal no matter what. 

When in 2006 I coached an Olympic Silver Medalist, many of my peers were shocked. But it was a simple use of the formula in practice: High performance is succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over the long-term (with a little twist, keep reading)

I remember many years ago, I attended my very first large-group event with Tony Robbins. He told us a story that stuck with me forever.

Tony decided to learn the game of golf and hired a celebrated pro. He believed himself to be a good athlete and fast learner and was convinced that he would learn the game effortlessly. As Tony hit the ball couple of times, he discovered that his ball was flying 180 feet off the course. Naturally, he felt discouraged, after realizing that it will take a long time and more significant effort than expected to close such a huge gap. Tony’s coach looked at him empathetically, and said, “Tony, don’t despair. Things are not as bad as you think. You are actually much closer to your goal. In fact, you are only two millimeters away.” Perplexed, Tony looked at his coach, “Can’t you see how far the ball is from the hole? It’s 180 feet!!!” “Yes, Tony, but if you move your club and focus on hitting the ball two millimeters to the right, the ball will fly straight into the hole.”

I believe that people get stuck on working for the results (the hole) because that’s the only way they can see themselves reaching their goals. It’s a hard, long road that neither guarantees results nor satisfaction. It rubs humans of vitality, joy, self-worth, dignity, peace, life! We often forget that the Universe is a lot more than what we can see with our body’s eyes. There are forces and energies at play that shape our lives without our awareness. If we learn to harness these forces, everything will change!

I love meeting many ambitious, heart-centered people at HPA. They are moved by Brendon’s work and feel inspired to start living the life of service and contribution. They see him on stage, on you-tube, read his books and get mesmerized by the love and admiration of the crowd. It’s not that hard to see the results of his work and wanting to achieve these kinds of results yourself. Brendon actually, doesn’t keep a secret behind his success. He talks about it openly. It is a form of the “two-millimeters way.”

So, what is this two-millimeters way?

At HPA I committed to conducting a webinar where I’ll share the secret behind the success of extraordinary people, such as Brendon Burchard, Elon Mask or Evgeni Plushenko, a 4-time Olympic medalist (two golds and two silvers).
I bet you heard all about the importance of having a vision, working hard, having good habits, and believing in yourself. However, it’s none of these.

In my Free Live Webinar, you will learn:
1. What The Two-Millimeters Way means,
2. Why the same hard work, vision, and habits work for some people but not for others,
3. How to use it to transform your life. 


Click this link to register and receive a free chapter from my #1 International bestselling book, Choreography of Awakening.

See you soon!

Coach Faye

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