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From Stuck to Progress

From Confusion to Clarity

From Disconnect to Alignment 

From Self-Doubt to 


(without taking more time or changing who you are, even if nothing else has worked)


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Dissolve Myths That Hold You Back From Success



Learn Tools to Take Control Over Your Mind and Life



Align With Your Best Self and Your Purpose



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Hi! I'm SoFeya SahRa Joseph

I am the Founder and Creator of i’MAGiNT LiFE, Author of Choreography of Awakening, a Speaker, and a former Olympic Figure Skating Coach. All these roles and accomplishments come together in this short description — I am a Choreographer of Awakening.

 Just like a composer arranges notes to create a magnificent piece of music (realized potential of notes), I choreograph experiences to awaken you to your highest potential so that you can create your masterpiece.

I do it using the i’MAGiNT LiFE methodology because it is the simplest, most direct, holistic, and progressive way that yields the highest result in the shortest amount of time.

And You Are... because you want to realize your highest potential as quickly as possible in a simple, straightforward way that guarantees results.

You don’t want to spend the next ten years going in circles in search of the path/method that can (maybe) take you where you want to be, only finding another dead end.

Instead, you’d rather walk the path of growing into your Best Self step-by-step while pouring your energy and time into what you Love doing — creating your Masterpiece!

I know that while you appreciate the knowledge, you don’t want this:  

I know that while you appreciate the knowledge, you don’t want this:  ⬇⬇⬇

I know that what you really want is this ⬇⬇⬇

I know that what you really want is this 


Suppose that everything you need... realize your highest potential and create the life you want is already stored in this “garage” ⬆⬆⬆

But you can’t really access the information you need.

You don’t know what exactly is stored there and where.

It’s dusty, messy, and plain overwhelming…😖

So you find yourself procrastinating, not keeping promises with yourself and others, frustrated, and often late everywhere because something always falls down or gets in trouble right when you need to be somewhere.

It keeps your mind occupied, so you have trouble staying focused and consistent.

Something constantly breaks, and you must fix it, and that leaves you little time and energy to do what you love and know serves your purpose.

You keep buying more tools to help yourself to deal with pressing issues or seek help to clean up your “garage” from people who claim that they figured out the orderly way to do it.

They promise to teach you how they did it. You attend their classes, read their books, and watch their YouTube videos.

And when you apply their methods, it seems to work for a while, and you are excited that you’ve finally found a solution to your problem.

Until another event in your life happens, and soon you realize that you are back at the same place you were before.

You abandon this tool and begin looking for another one, and then another, and another yet… all while continuing the struggle with feeling stuck…losing faith in yourself, or losing faith in all the teachers and tools out there… 

Believe me, I’ve been there!

That’s why I can describe it so well.

It wasn’t until by Providence, I discovered and understood how and why “garages” get cluttered, and learned how to not only "organize" garages, but the way to extract the power of all the goodness stored there to manifest success you want.

But today, I won’t tell you how I figured out how to clean up and work my “garage.” And I am not even here to offer help in cleaning up yours. You see, my story won’t really help you. It may inspire you and light a fire under your butt, but it won’t help you in the long run. 

Instead of taking up your time and feeding you stories, I am inviting you to a 5-day-challenge where you will learn what clutters and declutters “garages.” 

Discover the System...

...that is responsible for creating both — chaos and order.

There is a common belief that "life is messy." However, while it may appear so to the untrained eye, trained eyes recognize ORDER. 

Once you become conscious of how this system works, you too will recognize chaos as order, and you’ll be able to “arrange things” in the way YOU (capitalized) want! 

You see, the pattern for creating chaos is the same one that creates order.

Once you recognize this pattern and understand its purpose, you will be equipped to take immediate control of your life or significantly accelerate what already works for you.

You will immediately know what to keep and what to toss, and choose only what you want without judgment or self-doubt, without fear of failure or rejection.

You will regain confidence, trust, focus, and FAITH!

You WILL become Success You Want!

That’s why I call this challenge

From Rock to Diamond, 5-Days-To-More-Success.

It will ONLY take 5 days!!!

It will be a deeply INTENSE 5-days! You won’t be fed watered-down “seen that, done that” stuff.

You won’t be rolling your eyes or clicking the “next” button because you’ve heard this information 100 times already.

You won’t do that because what you will learn in this Challenge is Original content never before taught in public.

What you’ll learn, you will NEVER unlearn! You will be shocked and transformed.

You will learn AND experience a SYSTEM of transformation.

Not something that worked for me, SoFeya, but a universal system that works for EVERYONE regardless of age, gender, culture, religion, profession, or level of education. It works continuously whether you are conscious of it or not.

We will tap into the most successful, perfect Computer there is, a “Computer” that created and continues to create EVERYTHING there is in the Universe so that you’ll finally be able to sync with the System of learning we are designed with.

You will understand YOU.

Here is what  previous participants are saying:

“These 5 days totally changed my perspective on how I see self-development and myself…”

“The science and logic used in the content connects the dots so nicely and helps us understand how creation works and how we can evolve.”

"Profound teachings, the Real transformation!”

"I have worked in the self-development industry for years, yet what I learned in this challenge blew my mind!"

"I feel like I know the truth now about who I am, my purpose, and how to create more success and a better relationship with myself."

“There is nothing wrong with us, we are just conditioned. Once you understand you can't unlearn it, it will blow your mind and change your life forever.”

“Life-altering information!”

"I have never learned anything like this before, but it made so much sense in everything I’ve been going through and feeling. I feel like I finally learned the truth."

“This is the BEST method for resolving limiting beliefs to date.”

 “I achieved immediate results.”

“This system is one of the best systems that is practical and very well created that can help to unblock Layers and layers of beliefs. If applied only 10 percent it will change your life."

“It has helped me accelerate my self-growth, understand what my purpose is, heal my own childhood traumas, and improve my relationships.”

"I loved people that were in the class and how our stories and experiences intertwined like a bigger puzzle piece adding more clarity."

“If you want to be conscious of the unconscious and have control of what it manifests in your life, there is nothing in the market like the i'MAGiNT LiFE method.”

"I now look at life through a completely different lens... And I know how to use my emotions as a gauge when making decisions."

"Immediately after the challenge, circumstances in my life started happening to guide me toward the growth I want to see in my personal life and my business."

"More people need to know this"

"Everyone needs to attend this challenge and learn this life-changing information!" 


Here is a brief summary of what you'll learn and experience and daily agenda

  •  The hidden mechanism behind the creation
  •  Understand your mind
  •  The role of emotions and how to navigate them to respond to the events in your life in a productive way
  •   Deeper connection with your inner self and your world
  •   Increase confidence
  •   Connect with your giftedness and creativity
  •   Understand your Path ahead
  •   Discover answers to many of your questions and learn in the community of like-minded seekers
  •   And anchor your learnings with well-designed exercises using your Success i’MAGiNT.

Frequently Asked Questions